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Briscoe Group Reports

Below are our most recent published reports.

Interim Report 2017

Interim Report
Period ended 30 July 2017

Annual Report 2017

Annual Report
Period ended 29 January 2017

Click here for Interim Report period ended 30 July 2017

Click here for Annual Report period ended 29 January 2017

Published reports for earlier periods:

Interim Report period ended 31 July 2016

Annual Report 31 January 2016

Interim Report 26 July 2015

Annual Report 25 January 2015

Annual Report 26 January 2014

Annual Report 26 January 2014

Interim Report July 2013

Annual Report  January  2013

Interim Report July 2012

Annual Report Jan 2012

Interim Report July 2011

Annual Report Jan 2011

Interim Report July 2010

Annual Report Jan 2010

Interim Report July 2009

Briscoe Group Announcements 2018










Kathmandu Takeover Documents & Announcements

Key Dates for Investors

Reporting Periods – 52 weeks (and sometimes 53 weeks) ending in the last week in January

Announcement of Trading for Quarter – Early February

Preliminary Full Year Profit Announcement – Early March

Final Dividend Paid – Late March

Annual Report Published – April

Announcement of Trading for Quarter – Early May

Annual Meeting – Mid May

Announcement of Trading for Quarter – Early August

Preliminary Half Year Profit Announcement – Early September

Interim Dividend Paid – Late September / Early October

Announcement of Trading for Quarter – Early November

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Sharebroker Investment Research

Member firms of the New Zealand Stock Exchange who carry out ongoing analysis of Briscoe Group’s financial performance and publish forecasts of the Group’s earnings and recommendations for their clients about investing in Briscoe Group shares include:

Credit Suisse | First NZ Capital
First New Zealand Capital
Sarndra Urlich
Director, Equity Research
D +64 4 496 5363
M +64 21 455 402

Forsyth Barr
Forsyth Barr
Chelsea Leadbetter
D +64 4 495 5262

Andy Bowley
+64 4 495 8246

Macquarie Securities (NZ) Limited
Warren Doak
D +64 9 363 1416

DISCLAIMER: The directors and management of Briscoe Group accept no responsibility or liability for the analysis, views expressed or recommendations of these or any other sharebroking firms or analysts.

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Share Registrar and Shareholder Forms

Register with our share registry, Link Market Services, to check your shareholdings securely over the internet.

Registration is free and accessible by clicking the image links below:

To change your shareholder details, a web link has been provided below to the share registrar Link Market Services. To use this web link you will need to enter your CSN, Surname (or Company name), and FIN.

Alternatively forms have also been provided which you can print, complete and send to Link Market Services to update your shareholder details (Link’s address details are contained in these forms).

To update your details online click on the following options:

* Link Market Services
* Change or Correction of Address
* Direct Credit of Dividend Payment
* Off Market Transfer Form


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